Kerala’s No:1 Coaching Centre for Civil Engineering PSC candidates. With over 13 years of experience. Established on May 12th, 2008, at Thrissur District of Kerala, in the idea to develop efficient and dynamic entities.

ഒരൊറ്റ ലക്ഷ്യത്തിലേക്ക് ഒരൊറ്റ കോഴ്സ് മാത്രം

To prepare for Civil Engineering Kerala PSC Examinations

PSC B.Tech Level

Suitable to prepare for Assistant Professor, Assistant Engineer, Junior Instructor, Overseer Grade I, II and III, Tracer etc in departments like LSGD, PWD, Iririgation, KWA, PCB, TED

Course Fee : 14000/-

Validity : 1 Year

PSC Diploma Level

Suitable to prepare for Junior Instructor, Overseer Grade I, II and III, Tracer etc in various Departments like LSGD, PWD, Iririgation, KWA, etc.

Course Fee : 11000/-

Validity : 1 Year


Suitable to prepare for Overseer Grade II and III, Tracer etc in various Departments like LSGD, PWD, Iririgation, KWA, etc .

Course Fee : 8000/-

Validity : 1 Year

PSC Surveyor Level

Suitable to prepare for Surveyor Grade II and III etc in various Departments like Survey and Land Records, Town & Country planning, Mining and Geology, Land Use Board etc .

Course Fee : 6000/-

Validity : 1 Year

PSC B.Tech Level - Mechanical

A course with high end features designed for Btech Mechanical students preparing for Kerala competitive level exams.


Till 31st January 2022

AP / Poly Lecturer Basic Subjects

One of the most prestigious post everyone dreams of. As a teacher, you need good knowledge on the Basics of all Engineering Courses.

Course Fee : 6000/-

Validity : 1 Year


Most Trusted Civil Engineering Exam Preparation App in Kerala

Winmaster is one of the best mobile apps in Kerala, our finest product is developed by highly professionalized and qualified faculties from various parts of Kerala.

The best in the class app is for those students who aim for a secure job by undoubtedly cracking the competitive exams through our high-quality video classes, which you can watch anytime, anywhere.


What You Get

Live Interactive Classes
Quick Revision
Subject Wise MCQs
Previous Year Question Papers
Daily Live Events
Subject Wise Video Class
Lecture Notes
Students Corner
Discussion Forum
Weekly Examinations
Offline Downloads
Reminders & Notifications

Winmaster For Mechanical Engineering PCS Exam Preperations

മെക്കാനിക്കൽ എഞ്ചിനീയറിംഗ്  കഴിഞ്ഞവർക്കും PSC പരീക്ഷകൾക്ക് തയ്യാറെടുക്കാം WINMASTER  ലൂടെ .


Live Class & Its Recordings, Subjectwise MCQ, Lecture Notes 

Add on : Pre recorded video class for KWA Gr.I, Chamical Engineering (KWA AE), Gr.II & Gr.III Mechanical Exams

Rs: 8000/- (Validity 1 year)

What our students has to say about us.


Wincentre is the best coaching centre for civil engineering aspirants for cracking any competitive exam. The institute provides an excellent team of faculties with good experience and innovative teaching skills. Winmaster app is also very beneficial and user friendly for students. Daily exams promotes our competitive spirit and also helps us to manage our speed and time.

– Basil Mathew

As tag line says “Centre for competitive exam”
Wincentre It’s a really good for revising the civil engineering topics. And the class are taken very effectively with different methods of teaching like online exams and online support etc.

-Jinu Raj

Wincentre is an awesome institute that focuses on the quality given to the students.
Unlike other institutes the teachers , mentors and the non teaching staff try to create a bond with the students which helps the students in their coaching. The online support provided by the institution is also an added benefit to the students

Exciting News..!

Conversion to new course for old students

PSC CIVIL B.TECH LEVEL – Starting from Rs.8400/-

PSC CIVIL DIPLOMA LEVEL – Starting from Rs.6600/-

PSC CIVIL ITI LEVEL – Starting from Rs.4800/-

For more details contact to :  9072345630

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